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Instruments on Approval

How many instruments can I request to try out?

Usually one to three instruments. However, due to shipping costs, we will usually only send larger instruments one at a time. In these cases we should talk about your wishes and preferences beforehand. We will then select the instrument(s) from our stock that we believe, based on our experience, will best suit your taste.

How long can I try out the instruments?

Usually 10 days. If you need a different duration, for example because you want to talk to your teacher about the instrument, we can discuss a modified timeframe.

Do you store credit card information?

Only until the process is complete. After that, we will delete your information. Only if you explicitly request it - because you want to become a regular customer, for example - we will save the data.

I have decided on an instrument. What happens next?

  • You inform us about your decision by e-mail. You will keep the item(s) you intend to purchase.
  • All other items you will need to pack according to our guidelines, which will be included in the package with the items delivered to you.
  • We will send you a return shipping label online.
  • You ship the parcel to us.
  • Once we receive and process your package, we will charge your card and send you an invoice.
  • We will delete the credit card information unless you request otherwise.