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Paetzold by Kunath, bag for sub great bass recorder


Content: 1
Product number: 47T-PBK
Product information "Paetzold by Kunath, bag for sub great bass recorder"
 47T-PBK. Bag for Subgreatbass recorders

Overall information

Recorders should be stored in case of strong climatic fluctuations in a secure packaging, which is able to protect the instrument safe.
In the case of strong temperature or humidity fluctuations it is possible that stress cracks could appear in the body of the instrument. This can in the worst case damage the recorder totaly. In any case the repair will be expensive
A good case or bag keeps your instrument from such unsightly incidents.

Suitability of the packaging

This article has been developed for Subgreatbass-recorders.
The size of the compartments are especially adapted to the items of the workshop Paetzold by Kunath.
If your existing instrument is from another manufacturer, and if you unsure if your instrument fits into this package, contact us.

Properties "Paetzold by Kunath, bag for sub great bass recorder"
Packing: Bag
Weight with case: 1.8 kg
Weight without case: 1.8 kg
Size: Subgreatbass

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